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The Fabulous Floors Hardwood Floor Resurfacing Service Explained

Have you ever asked the question, “What is hardwood floor resurfacing?” If so you are certainly not alone. Plenty of people in John’s Creek have asked us this exact question. The answer we give them is that it’s the best way to update the look of your slightly damaged hardwood flooring. Hardwood floor resurfacing is the act of removing an old finish and replacing it with a new one. That’s why it’s often called the screen and coat method. It doesn’t require any sanding which makes it one of the fastest floor renewal services in all of John’s Creek. 

If you’re interested in resurfacing your hardwood floors in John’s Creek, GA, then call our team at Fabulous Floors Atlanta today!

before and after hardwood floor resurfacing in johns creek, ga

“I love the transformation! Tony was very meticulous, professional & informative on each step of the process. He would text his ETA daily so I would know when he would arrive & explained how to care for the finished floors to keep them looking Fabulous. Was a pleasure having Tony in my home sharing his expertise & craftsmanship.” – Lee C.

Resurface Your Hardwood Floors the Right Way

When it comes to floor renewal services in John’s Creek, none of them are created equal. Each has unique advantages and disadvantages. We know this sounds biased, but we genuinely believe that we are the best hardwood floor resurfacing service in the greater John’s Creek area. This is because of our fast completion times, lower starting prices, and our high-quality stains and finishes that are sure to make your floors shine like new. Plus, we offer superior customer service and we know how to treat our customers with the utmost respect and care.

Should I Resurface or Refinish My Flooring?

Both options are great ways to restore your hardwood flooring. But one actually might be better depending on the state of your floors. Resurfacing is best for floors showing minor signs of damage such as light scratches. Refinishing is for floors with significant scratches, scuffs, stains, warps, and other signs of serious damage. Although both are more affordable than replacement, resurfacing will be slightly less expensive than refinishing due to it’s faster completion time. If you have any questions about whether or not you qualify for a resurfacing, then please contact us today. We would be happy to help you out!

Is your floor looking more severely damaged? Don’t worry! Our team at Fabulous Floors Atlanta also offers the best hardwood floor refinishing in John’s Creek, GA.

Save Time & Money with Fabulous Floors Atlanta

Our resurfacing service starts at just $0.99 per square foot, though various circumstances will affect the final price. The reason the price is so much lower is that it doesn’t require sanding which leads to fast completion times. No sanding also means virtually no dust or noxious odors making the Fabulous Floors resurfacing service the most convenient option for floor renewal in John’s Creek.

a resurfaced hardwood floor in a John's Creek home.


Top Benefits of Choosing Fabulous Floors Atlanta for John’s Creek Wood Floor Resurfacing:

    1. We add near-instant value to your home whether or not you’re selling.
    2. We take out the stress of living with damaged floors.
    3. We provide a high-quality finish in the color, sheen, and gloss of your choice.
    4. We protect your floors against future damage.
    5. We prevent allergens.
    6. We remove the lighter scratches and damages.
    7. We are fast and can get you back to your normal routine quickly.
    8. We are the most convenient option with little to no dust and odors.
    9. We save you from damaging your floors further by attempting a DIY solution.
    10. We strive to be as budget-friendly as possible.


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