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Affordable & Durable Chamblee Floor Resurfacing

Do you want your floor to shine like new again, but you don’t want to pay to completely replace it? Then do we have the service for you! The team here at Fabulous Floors Atlanta offers a hardwood floor resurfacing service that can be done in most cases for just $0.99 per sq/ft. It is by far the most cost-effective way to bring back the beauty of your hardwood floors. Give us a call today or fill out the form to find out the cost to resurface your wood floor in Chamblee, GA!

before and after floor resurfacing in chamblee, ga
a resurfaced hardwood floor

Resurfacing Qualifications

Unfortunately, not every floor can be resurfaced. It is best for floors that have minimal signs of damage like some light scratches and scuffs. If your floor is showing deeper signs of wear and tear then we’ll recommend using the Fabulous Floors Atlanta hardwood floor refinishing service we also offer here in Chamblee. To find out if your floor qualifies for resurfacing, give us a call to discuss the project. We might need to send a tech out to examine the floor first and make a final decision.


“Fabulous Floors did excellent job on our hardwood cottage floors. They were very nice to work with, dependable, did excellent work, including repairs as needed. I would use them again, and highly recommend to other customers.”

- Tom H.

Here’s How We Do It

One of the biggest reasons people use our Chamblee hardwood floor resurfacing service is that it can be done in just two simple steps. First, we screen the floor meaning we gently remove the existing finish. Second, we apply a new finish to protect the floor from future damage and give it a fresh shine. It is all as simple as that. Clearly, this is fast and can be done in just a couple of days, and even one day in some cases. But time isn’t the only benefit.

Save money and hassle

At just $0.99 per sq/ft on average, you already know resurfacing wood floors in Chamblee saves you money. But Did you know that our hardwood resurfacing service is virtually dust and odor-free? The Fabulous Floors Atlanta resurfacing doesn’t require sanding or staining, which eliminates the dust and odor that other Chamblee services leave behind. Additionally, Fabulous Floors is GREENGUARD Certified, which means that our hardwood resurfacing and refinishing services are completely safe for both you and the environment.


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